#1: Lead Generation

You have a particular set of skills that are in demand, much like Liam Neeson, though hopefully with less actual violence. However, spending hours scrolling through procurement sites to find entities who need your skills takes time away from actually employing them.

Value to you: Laurel Rock personnel will send screened, targeted opportunities to you on a pre-arranged schedule, leaving you free to perform you core functions.

#2 Proposal Writing

How many proposals is your firm writing a month? A year? Probably not enough to warrant hiring another staff member as a proposal writer and coordinator.  We have loads of experience and a great win rate behind us. Plus, technical oversight is baked into all proposals we craft.

Value to you: Instead of allocating your resources through hiring an employee, or diverting time and energy from your firm’s core functions, outsource the proposal.

#3 Technical Oversight

When writing RFXs, government agencies use the term Technical in many ways, often to mean “anything other than pricing or cost.” Technical aspects of a proposal response, spelled out in the agency’s solicitation, can include narrative statements, methodologies, executive summaries, staffing plans, and more. Verifying that each item mentioned is addressed adequately and that all the instructions are followed to the letter is tedious, time-consuming and (occasionally) terrifying.

Value to you: Our personnel perform write, edit and or verify technical volumes ranging from 5 pages to over 200. It doesn’t hurt that we have an engineer on staff and access to a roster of PhDs in various fields as advisors for any (*ahem*) technical subjects covered.

#4 Grants

Need support with grant strategy, finding funders, writing the applications,  or post-award management and reporting? We can do as much or as little of that as you like.

Value to you: We create cost projections, budgets and justifications, write or edit statements of needs, demographic research, and we are familiar with application requirements from funders including NIH and the DLA. Post-award, we perform the necessary financial reporting, close out and summative or formative evaluations of the program’s success.

#5 Research

What kinds of research? Here are a few examples.

Government: agency spending history and forecasting, legislative requirements, current projects, incumbent companies on contracts, competitors – companies and individuals, which agencies purchase your service(s) and good(s)

Grants: funder research, application requirements & documents, recipient research, who’s who in funding organizations, long term funding strategies, populations served, demographics

General Market: competition and competitors, market share, current suppliers (incumbents), customer needs and pain points, marketing hubs and opportunities

Value to you: Get the intel you need on demand without taking time away from operations.

Outsourcing is in your future

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