Outsource Business Services


  • Established small business in operation for 9+ years

  • In demand IT skills

  • Ongoing projects with large government agencies

  • SWaM Certification

  • 8a and HUBZone certifications

Kyle’s Story

As an owner/operator, Kyle spends most of his time working on the projects his firm has already won.  That means less time spent looking ahead to find new business (that’s well suited to his company’s core functions and capabilities) and writing proposals.  He has to fit all of that into his already full work days.  Laurel Rock identified several leads Kyle wanted to pursue as non-starters, saving him precious time and man-hours.

Laurel Rock and Kyle began working together on a basic capability statement.  Using Valerie’s experience in selecting contractors on behalf of the government, Laurel Rock tailored Kyle’s core functions, certifications and previous successes to stand out among offerors.  Once his capability statement began attracting more attention, he needed support writing rock-solid proposals to win more contracts.

Writing proposals as an add-on to his highly technical labors often meant the proposal requirements were not clearly understood, let alone fulfilled, and deadlines were missed.


  • Small company with no clear proposal coordinator

  • English is non-native language for writers

  • “Fitting in” business development and proposal writing around other core activities

  • Crowded, excessively wordy Capability Statement

  • Unaware of how to match past performance with RFP requirements

  • Haven’t invested time in networking to form teaming relationships with other firms

Immediate Needs

  • Eye-catching, “tight” capability statement

  • Coaching on identifying suitable leads

  • Advice on when to team with other firms

  • Writing assistance for narrative components

  • SME oversight on pricing his offerings

  • SME oversight on technical volumes of proposals

Rock Solid Solutions

  • Redesign the company’s Capability Statement

  • Introduce our friends to Kyle as partners to bolster his offerings

  • Thoroughly delve into requirements for proposals

  • Tailor past performance to proposal requirements

  • Advise on bid/no bid opportunities, freeing up time for core functions

  • Managing the proposal life cycle: submitting on time

  • Edit resumes, technical volumes and narratives for proposals

Winning Outcomes

  • Capability Statement began attracting more attention

  • Kyle’s network and capacity for new projects expanded

  • Ensured compliance of proposal structure, format, presentation, submission method

  • Clearer narrative volumes for proposals

  • Technical review by a SME on pricing/ cost estimation

  • Managing the proposal life cycle: submitting on time

  • On time submission of offering

  • Services provided without the need to hire an employee at Kyle’s company

  • Kyle feels confident, more relaxed, and is focused on providing high-quality IT services to his clients

Why outsource any business tasks or functions?

“Outsourcing is a common practice of contracting out business functions and processes to third-party providers. The benefits of outsourcing can be substantial – from cost savings and efficiency gains to greater competitive advantage.” – Source

Why outsource proposal preparation?

  • Allows greater focus on core business activities
  • Improves efficiency
  • Provides competitive advantage
  • Addresses company weaknesses
  • Access to a wider talent pool without hiring staff

Should I outsource?

Indeed.com offers this advice on deciding if outsourcing is right for you.