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Have a proposal in hand?  Want to submit an RFP or Sources Sought?

We will evaluate your documents like our very own; we won’t stop until your offering is rock-solid.

Objective, impartial, independent review from the customer’s perspective, by a technical SME, can only strengthen your offering.  Check out what you’re up against:

Black Hat Pink Team Red Team Green Team Gold Team White Glove
Purpose/ Goal Competitive Assessment Review First Proposal Draft Technical prowess, Completeness, Compliance Review Pricing Review Last Chance Review Final Editing, verifying particulars APPROXIMATE $ outlay
Big Business Y Y Y Y Y Y $100K
Laurel Rock Consulting  It’s one of our small business services. We edit these. And we don’t have to wear pink to do it. Have you met us?  We nerd out on this stuff. Cost estimating is in our wheelhouse. Literally salivating over the opportunity. Rock-solid. Let’s talk!
Small Business I do that with every proposal. After I am done with day to day operations, I write the proposal.  My dog helps. We have red pens… I use a strategy called “guessing while trying to make a living.” It’s 4am, my caffeine and I do this together. I am sick of this proposal now and seriously rethinking my life choices. 100K hours of my life.

We’re highly Koala-fied.

We are also like mountains because we’re not just funny, we’re hilarious.

Hill areas – hilarious… get it?

  • Technical expertise

  • Experience evaluating proposals from the Government’s perspective

  • Desire to help your business WIN!

  • Fun to work with