The Win

Every Win Matters

Wins feel great, don’t they?

There’s the standard definition of a win, helpfully provided by our excellent amigos, Misters Merriam and Webster.¬† Then there’s the Laurel Rock definition of a win…

We at Laurel Rock are always looking for reasons to celebrate, and that means looking for wins.

Work wins, home wins, win-wins, best outcomes¬† – you’re getting the idea.

Your win, our win, his win, her win, their win, here a win, there a win, anywhere a win-win…

Big wins like multi-million dollar contract awards!

Personal wins, like getting through a stressful situation without throat punching anyone.

Let’s face it, sometimes exercising self-control IS the win.

WINONYMS = Synonyms for WIN

  • Victory

  • Triumph

  • Earn

  • Succeed

  • Obtain

  • Conquer

  • Prevail

  • Overcome

Sample Wins (SWINS)

  • Acquiring a new skill

  • Learning from a mistake or failure

  • Doing the everyday work

  • Modeling yourself on the best, though you may be surrounded by the worst

  • Remembering all your passwords

  • Leaning into the discomfort

  • Making the healthy choices more often than not

  • Remembering your phone, keys AND wallet

  • Celebrating others’ wins

Focus on the positives that help you move forward.