For this month’s celebration, we Laurel Rock employees flocked together and “flamingled” with others! In person!   We participated in festivities for the landmark birthday (the 29th!) of a truly remarkable human being and honored citizen of Fairfax, VA.

In a world of pigeons, be a flamingo!

Looking for a gift for someone in your flock?  Why not “adopt” a flamingo or other animal through the World Wildlife Fund?

Our party person loves flamingos!  And why not?

Click the image to learn some “flocking” good facts!

Bullseye!  Skill acquired!

We went axe throwing and had a blast.  Learn more about this fun activity and competitive sport here.  Especially the safety requirements!

Our cup runneth over …

with fun, sunshine, laughter, and, of course, puns !

Colleagues in Sunglasses.

This photo was taken immediately following the group sunscreen application required of all Rock Stars.

Who threw more bullseyes?

Hello!  I love musicals and I hope you do as well.  If you’re familiar with Carousel, which made its Broadway debut at the Majestic Theater in 1947, you might know a little ditty called “June is Busting Out All Over.”  I suggest you sing it now, or at least watch this clip from the classic film adaptation of 1956.  While the current social and political climate makes the content unsuitable today, there’s something charming and endearing about its dated mores.  Plus, anyone can admire the athleticism of the cast during an 8+ minute dance number on a rooftop!