Fractional Services for Your Business

Drive your business revenue. Increase your capacity.

What are fractional services?

Fractional services are used when a business is in need of a specific task, skill, or ongoing service, but the dedicated time for that need does not warrant the hiring of an additional staff member. A fractional professional or team performs work on behalf of the organization, but for a certain number of hours per week or days per month. At Laurel Rock, we offer fractional services for ongoing needs such as business development, market research, process consulting, project management and for specific, discrete tasks including writing assignments, cost estimation, and document review.

What are the benefits of fractional services?

Your company benefits from part time workers with skills your company may lack – without having to locate, vet, hire, onboard, train or supervise them.  This increases organizational capacity and keeps your business moving forward.

Fractional support is particularly helpful to growing organizations that would not be able to grow/accomplish a task without seasoned, experienced help.  In these instances, a fractional solution offers businesses access to additional capability at a lower cost than bringing on an employee. Some functions or roles Laurel Rock provides include business development, writing services, project management, and more.

Our Rock Stars are experts in their core functions, allowing our clients to focus on what they are good at.  Whether you need one hour of time management counseling a week, or ten hours of business development monthly,  in the long or short term, this support model allows you to tailor a solution to your needs and budget. Best of all, you maintain complete control and direction of your company, without worrying about activities that tend to take so much of business owners’ time and are often not in their area of expertise.

What are the drawbacks to fractional services?

Good question. None? You pay for a service and keep doing the things you’re already doing.  If the return is not worthwhile, cancel the service.

Spread your wings by outsourcing.

How does this work exactly?

Assessment and Goal Setting

We begin by learning more about your business, defining your goals and the scope of work to be outsourced. Not everyone knows what they need.  A consultation  helps you identify, define and prioritize your needs.

Tailored Services

Laurel Rock clearly defines what we will do, when and how we will do it, with clear pricing and metrics to measure success.

Period of Performance

You tell us! Let us get to work meeting those KPIs in the time frame you need.

Transparent Process

We provide regular progress reports, on a pre-determined timeline, to ensure transparency of our work. Maintaining communication means we can pivot quickly to better serve you.

Milestones & Deliverables

We work to meet your goals and provide the deliverables you request.

 ~ FAQ ~

Q: Is there a minimum number of hours for your services?

No, we can arrange as many or as few hours of work as you’d like.

Q: Can I arrange multiple services?

Yes! If, for example, you would like to have a capability statement written, which is a per-project assignment and one hour of lead generation weekly for two weeks, we can provide a quote for that.

Q: Why should I hire you instead of performing these functions myself?

Good question! Ask yourself these questions: Am I already doing these functions? How much time am I able to allocate to them, and is my time best spent that way? How much experience do I have in that arena? An I as successful as I’d like to be? If the answers are not what you’d like to see, contact us.  We can help.