You’re the expert on your company.

We’re experts at technical writing and proposal preparation.

What is proposal writing?

A proposal is, at its core, a piece of persuasive writing, pitching a company as the best candidate to perform work for a government entity, such as the US Department of Energy.  Proposals are also prepared at the state and local level.  The ultimate goal of the proposal is for the company to win an award, also referred to as a contract.

The proposal  often has to follow lengthy lists of strict requirements set out in the government’s RFP (Request for Proposal).  Requirements can include a minimum or maximum font size, page limits, dictate what kind of businesses are eligible to respond and more.  The RFP may even spell out what data and charts to include, how to order your proposal, the specific format, inclusion of which forms, representations and certifications, and even who signs the completed proposal and where the signature goes in the document.


I've always wanted to know

Follow the instructions!

Even when they're complicated.

And voila!

Your piece will be beautiful!

Or you have a great learning experience...

and an ill-fitting hat.

Instructions fail.


Is proposal writing important?

In a word, YES.  Only if you want to secure work for your firm, though, and have a steady stream of projects going that pay everyone and keep your colleagues employed.  Yes, even Todd.


The Laurel Rock difference

Complete, compliant, Rock-Solid proposals are our specialty.

We’ll interview you to assess your strengths and weaknesses.  It’s tough to write what you don’t know, so we want to know a whole lot about you, your company,  and your capabilities.

Get ready for a deep dive into your past performance.  It’s generally the best way to make sure your offer is technically acceptable.

All the instructions and requirements will be examined closely and correlated to your offering.  Past performance will be tailored to the specific opportunity, technical capability emphasized, and your offer will be submitted on time.