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Friday, March 31 was the last day of both the well-publicized Women’s History Month and the lesser-known Developmental Disability Awareness Month.  We can change that!

Developmental Disability Awareness Month seeks to promote awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of individuals with DD.  Remember those words – awareness, acceptance, and inclusion.  Perhaps there are some minor ways you can focus on that in the month ahead, especially if you’re just learning that you missed a whole MONTH of it.

One Developmental Disability, Autism, had its own celebration on April 2, and that’s no joke.  It also has one of the worst acronyms encountered by this humble writer: WAAD.  Yes, World Autism Awareness Day!  (There’s that word again; awareness.)  The Autism Society in your area is always looking for support.  We’re familiar with the Autism Society of Northern Virginia.  April is also Autism awareness month.

Check out this great resource on the history of Developmental Disabilities in the US and peruse the included links to any of the wonderful organizations doing valuable and necessary work with individuals who have Developmental Disabilities.  Please browse through the products sold by Melwood, or consider how your business can support employment or recreation opportunities for someone with DD.

Awareness, acceptance, inclusion and kindness are expressions of humanity.  We at Laurel Rock believe in and support those values.

Consider donating to some of these great organizations, too: Tax Day is coming!